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Welcome to BV Listings.

You may have arrived here from a multitude of directions, but we are glad you are here.  Well you may be asking, what is BV Listings, what can I do with it, or how can I list my business.  Here are a few common questions and answers.

First, what is BV Listings?
BVL is a global list motorcycle friendly establishments.  Everything from bars, restaurants, adult entertainment, to services, painters, repair, parts, supplies, and even business you wouldn’t think of like pool cleaning or AC repair.  Any business that is motorcycle friendly can list their business on BVL.

Why use and who uses BVL?
BVL is designed for motorcycle riders and motorcycle enthusiast.  Its designed to be both helpful while out on the road as well as just planning on what you want to do for the weekend.  As motorcycle riders ourselves, we know that we would prefer to visit a motorcycle friendly establishment, even if we are not on our bikes, that visit a place that is un-friendly to motorcycle riders.

Where are the listings from?
BVL listings are from all over the globe, although we have yet to have any from Antarctica.

What does it cost to use BVL?
It doesn’t cost anything to use BVL to search and find an establishment of your choosing, nor does it cost anything to register to comment on any establishment you have visited.

Does it cost to list my establishment?
There are two plans for listing.  The first one is “Free”, under the free plan, you can display one picture, your address, phone number and website URL.  The second is a “Paid” version where you can display everything from the “Free” plus, a full description, more pictures, social links, and you will have a lead contact form.  For current price of the “Paid” plan, please visit the Post Your Business page.

Can I have more than one listing?
Yes, if you have multiple business or even want multiple listings for one business you can.  When you register and go to your dashboard, you will see and can manage all the listings you have under your user name.

How many pictures can I display?
With the “Free” plan, you can display one picture.  With the “Paid” plan you can display 5 pictures that will be in a slideshow format.  Also with the “Paid” plan your full description will show up and in your description you can add pictures as well.

What is the “Featured on Home Page / Category Slider”?
When you look at the “Home” page you see the Featured listings going across in the slider at the top of the page.  In each Category, there is also a slider for that category.  So when listing your establishment, if you select to be Featured on the Home page or on the Category page, your listing will show up in the appropriate slider.

How do I upgrade from a “Free” to a “Paid” listing?
This is very simple.  Login, go to your “Dashboard”, select edit under the listing you wish to upgrade, at the very bottom is a button to “Upgrade to Premium”.

If my establishment was listed by another user, can I take over that listing?
Yes. You will need to contact us so we can verify that the listing really is about your business, once verified, we will switch ownership over to you, allowing you to modify the listing.